Digital strategies for growing churches.

We help churches grow faster than word-of-mouth.

Social interaction is going full digital. Churches are declining because they don't have a plan to adapt.

Schedule a Strategy Call

Schedule a call with our team and we'll build a custom digital strategy for your church that includes everything from advertising to website strategy and visitor assimilation.

Develop a Custom Plan

We'll put together a custom plan using digital ads to drive local traffic to your church website where visitors will complete a visit form that will notify your team that they are coming.

Optimize Over Time

We'll track performance at every step of your plan and work to continually improve our plan as time goes on. Digital is constantly changing, so we'll keep you on the edge of effective.

What We Do

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Website Design


We design websites using our own customized WordPress framework with visual front-end editors that make it easy for you to update your own content, or we can fully manage every aspect of the content for you. It's all built on our very own Digital Church Website Builder Platform.

Graphic Design


We can design custom sermon series artwork, event promotions, indoor and outdoor signage, and apparel to help your brand make a statement so your message is heard.

Digital Marketing


If you're serious about breaking past the word-of-mouth barrier, you need to build strategies to leverage digital marketing to get people to your website and into your front doors. We can develop a custom plan to help you accomplish that, and we can deploy that plan alongside your in-house team. As time goes on, we'll optimize it to make it even better.

Native Mobile Applications


If you need someone to build a custom church app for you, we can oversee the project from planning to strategy to deployment and maintenance.

Video Production


We can produce custom sermon bumpers, announcement videos, and event promotions for you. We'll work with your in-house team to make sure they are able to get the best footage for each project.


Mark Tenney

Creator of Digital Church Marketing
and The Digital Church Website Platform

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