Discover a system to turn church website visitors
into actual guests in your church.

What you'll learn in the video

  • How many people?

    You'll learn how many people are visiting  church websites every year who are new to church.

  • Capture their attention

    You'll find out how to capture the attention of people who visit your church website and drive them into a visitor flow.

  • Answer all their questions before their visit

    You'll learn how to address the main questions that hold people back from visiting your church.

  • Help visitors plan their visit

    You'll see a strategy for helping people plan their visit in detail and help your team to be ready to receive them.

  • Get every guest to give you their email

    You'll learn a simple tactic to make sure every visitor to your church gives you their contact information so you can follow up with them.

  • Communicate your core next steps

    You'll see how to communicate the core next steps of your church and understand how to get those to the people who have visited your church so they get connected.

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